New & Upgraded Security Systems On Finance

Looking For a New Security System or Upgrade?

Enhancing your home or business’s security shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why RESS provides flexible leasing options for a range of security equipment. If you’re in need of a new CCTV, intruder alarm or access control system, our team can assist you in spreading the cost of payment over 3-5 years. Take the first step towards a secure future for your business and contact us today.

Install Now.. Pay Later

Think again about the expense of a brand new security system! It doesn’t have to break the bank. We’re here to show you just how cost efficient it can be to upgrade your bespoke security solutions. Through our partnership with Johnson Reed, a leading security equipment finance company, we’ll help you discover the best way to fund your project. Their equipment leasing program offers terms that are far more advantageous than traditional bank loans, and it even comes with tax benefits. Johnson Reed takes a flexible and logical approach, making the finance approval process simple with just basic information required.

Enhance Your Security Efforts with CCTV & Security Leasing: A Smart Investment

Ensure the protection of your assets and premises through CCTV & Security Leasing. Running a home or business demands a significant investment in security systems, but the expenses can be prohibitive. Don’t let installation costs deter you from securing your business. RESS offers a practical leasing and finance agreement to help you enhance your security measures affordably.

Contact us now on 0844 415 2267 or info@ressltd.com to discuss CCTV & Security finance and leasing options. Our team of experts is here to provide you with a complimentary quote and address all your questions.

Take Control of Your Security with Our Install Now,
Pay Later Option!

To effectively manage cash flow and budgets, a growing number of home owners or businesses are choosing to finance their security systems. Leasing security systems is a cost-efficient strategy to quickly acquire essential equipment without significant capital investment. Safeguard Systems offers customised commercial leasing solutions to finance your security system setup, catering to homes and businesses of all sizes.

Crime can strike any home or business unexpectedly, leaving them vulnerable and in need of immediate action. In such unfortunate circumstances, investing in a new or upgraded security system becomes a necessary expense. Although it may come as a surprise, prioritising the protection of the home or business is crucial to deter criminals and safeguard the well-being of everyone involved.

Worried about the financial impact of investing in security equipment? Our Security System leasing solution is here to help. By spreading the cost over 3 or 5 years, you can safeguard your business without draining your resources. Focus on what matters most while we take care of your security needs.

Seeking advice on financing your security system? Waste no time and reach out to our expert team at 0844 415 2267 or info@ressltd.com for a comprehensive consultation.

Maximise Protection and Minimise Costs:
The Advantages of Security System Leasing

Is your home or business still relying on outdated CCTV or access control systems? It’s time for a swift upgrade without any disruption to your cash flow. We specialise in providing fast and efficient security system upgrades that will enhance the safety and security of your premises. Don’t compromise on the protection of your valuable assets any longer!

Leasing security equipment comes with a multitude of advantages, no matter what the motive behind it may be:


  • Protect Cash Flow: Instead of paying for the system upfront with company funds, the purchase cost is divided into smaller, regular payments, making it easier to manage financially.

  • Cost- Effective: Prioritising security is an essential aspect of protecting both a business’ personnel and its assets. The expenses incurred in dealing with the repercussions of criminal activities are frequently much greater than the cost of implementing an efficient security system.

  • Tax-Deductible: You may enjoy tax perks by choosing to lease your security system.

  • Fixed, manageable costs: It’s easy to handle and stay on top of monthly payments when they are stretched out over 3-5 years.

  • Faster Installation: No more waiting around for your budget to accommodate security investments. With fast and accessible funds, you can enhance your security measures right away!

It’s As Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Find the Perfect Product

Let our team guide you in choosing the ideal product that perfectly aligns with your business requirements. We’ll work together to ensure you make the right choice.

Step 2: Sort Out the Finances

We’ll take care of passing on all the necessary information to Johnson Reed, who will handle the financial aspects with you. Once the financing is sorted, we can proceed to finalise your order.

Step 3: Get Ready for Installation

Once your payment is received, our dedicated team will swiftly install your equipment. You can sit back and relax, knowing that our experts will handle the installation process efficiently and professionally.

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